As a high level BIM expert we help our clients by undertaking a BIM Lead (Information Manager) role in their projects. Under this role we define the strategies, manage and monitor the BIM processes, ensuring agreed workflows are in place. We advocate following the principles defined within BS EN ISO 19650 & UK BIM Framework guidance since we believe adopting these processes would guarantee sucessful outcome and clear defnitions for the quantity and quality of information needed by the client, including set of standards, methods, deadlines and protocols which will govern its production and continuous improvement.

We advise clients on setting up their BIM information requirements or also known as Exchange Information Requirements (EIR), and processing the appointment of professionals and contractors. Where organisations are not yet appointed to the project we can provide support in BIM capability and capacity assessments of bidding organisations, from review and comment on bidder returns of assessments form (such as PAS-91) up to supporting the client in developing a bespoke capability assessment.

We are well versed in working within a Common Data Environment (CDE) and can assist choosing a suitable one, since we understand the pivotal function that this central repository plays in successfully delivering a BIM project. In using this central shared source of information, collaboration between project members is enhanced, mistakes reduced, and duplication avoided, delivering clear time and cost savings. This system also enables compliance with BIM Level 2 requirements and ISO 19650 processes.

We can produce and maintain the project BIM Execution Plan (BEP) in consulation and open conversation with all project stakeholders, including any relevant appendices and associated documentation required to suit project needs (i.e. Naming Protocol, Model Production Delivery Table, Clash Set Matrix, Master/Task Information Delivery Plan, BIM Risk Register, etc).

We can produce in-depth BIM Audits of information provided by project stakeholders, including validation and verification of compliance with BEP or client´s EIR. This BIM Audit include monitoring exerecises with regards the performance of 3D coordination and clash detection processes undertaken by the design team.

MV-BIM can provide tailor-made BIM training to ensure any technical companies can upbring their CAD/BIM skills and concepts in line with latest industry standards and tools. We have developed training modules to cascade BIM knowledge throughout the organisation and to our clients.

We provide Facilities Management BIM support by reviewing Operational and Asset Information Requirements (OIR/AIR) from the client (incl. COBie). This information is essential to support operations, maintenance and asset management once the built asset is in service. We then produce as output Asset Information Management (AIM) strategies and deliverables as response to the OIR/AIR from the Client.