Newbury Racecourse award

We are pleased to announce that one of the projects in which it works MV-BIM, Newbury Racecourse, has won the award-NHBC pride in the job quality award. This project consists of 10 blocks of apartments with a total of 366 houses in its interior. It is situated in the Central Area of Newbury Racecourse giving 5 blocks, direct overlooking Center Court.

This prize is awarded to 11 projects a year. All winners have been invited to participate in a ceremony where candidates for one Grand Prize will be announced. There will be a "Seal of Excellence" or "Regional award" for each category.

The final event will be a gala in London which will be held in January and where they will be winners announced.

For a list of all the winners you can click on the following link:



Congratulations to the whole team!

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